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Best Online Marketing


Marketing is getting your business more clients.  You want to 'market' or let it be known, that you are in business and available to customers.  

Remember the quote about whether or not when the tree makes a sound when it falls in the woods?

You know, if no one is around hear it?  Well that tree is just like your great service or product.  

If no one is around to hear that you have a great service or product, then it doesn't matter if your  business makes a sound or not, it's never going to make any MONEY. is your business being visible to your potential clients, each time they require or desire your services or products.

You have to understand that marketing options for small business have always left more than something to be desired.....

None of the options for marketing your business ever adhered to the golden rule of business success.  "The right place at the right time".


Marketing strategies today are anything BUT the right place and the right time.  Did you ever get pulled over for a DUI, and the next day watch T.V until you saw a lawyer's commercial? 

Did you sit in the car until an attorney advertised on the radio station?


Did you stand out at the mailbox hoping to get a letter from a law firm extending their services?

Of course not.  The closest advertising medium that allowed anyone access to the services they were looking for was a phone book.  

Phone books were limited by location and even more limited in information.  Phone number and address are the only information about a business in the phone book.


Google's search engine offers a logical platform for consumers to search for local or global products or services, from anywhere and anytime.  The results that come back from a search engine, like Google, are the Search Engine Results PageS, or SERPS.


Page One of Google's Search Results offer the highest percentage of opportunity to capture your next client's business, ever available.  No more 'shot-gun' style advertising campaigns on T.V, Radio and Paper Print.   


Those methods are only for the businesses with literally money to burn.  You have to purchase so many marketing packages that your message becomes subliminal in your client's head.  Remember 'right time and right place'.  


Google's Front Page offers the first ever opportunity for small and local business, to market themselves to the their next client at the right time and the right place.

The right time and place is exactly when and where your next client decides they need your services.  

What will they do? Most likely reach for their phone and search Google….


Is your business on the Front Page of Google, when your potential clients search for keyword phrases that MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MONEY?

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