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Solar Company in Palm Desert Ca

Beat the Heat.


Introduce Solar Panels and solar roofing in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Indio.

Hardly any spots know the intensity of the desert sun like Palm Springs and Palm Desert. With the sunlight based industry blasting in California, there is no better place to exploit everything that brilliant sun control than in the desert. Families, property holders, and entrepreneurs over the territory are perceiving the numerous advantages and impetuses for going sun based — and you can go along with them by calling Semper Solaris today and diminishing your vitality costs!


Vitality effective sun oriented boards give opportunity from the electric organization and set the control back in the hands of the mortgage holder. You have the right to have the alternative to run your cooling without the stress of high electric bills. 

We completely bolster the Coachella Valley's pledge to clean vitality, filling in as a main case for whatever is left of the world to take after. 

The Time to Get Solar Panels is Now and install solar roofing!


You have the opportunity to control your own vitality creation. What's more, over diminishing your general carbon impression, sun oriented vitality will likewise cut expenses on vitality bills. 

Sun powered vitality costs have fallen 80% as of late and its use keeps on ascending as the service organizations raise their rates. 

All in all, what are you sitting tight for? 

Break free from your electric organization and begin sparing with Semper Solaris sun based vitality.

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