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Whatever your business needs to succeed in the digital world, we've got you covered.  

From Social Media Management, Website Designs, Video Production, Video Ranking, Blog Publications, & SEO

What Keyword Phrases make YOUR Business MONEY?


We are a private internet marketing firm, that works exclusively with only one business per industry, in each city.  


We provide our businesses with a direct connection to their next client, by giving them Front Page visibility on Google, every single time their next potential client searches their local services online.  


80% of the time that people look to connect with service or buy products, 

they use the internet at one time or another before purchasing.


Statistics indicate nearly 90% of the time that online users choose a result from Page One of Google, rarely ever venturing to the second page of results.


When your potential client or consumer searches Google for the goods or services your business provides, does your business show up on the Front Page of Google?


SEO is the art of optimizing your webpages to individually show up on page one of search engine results, to ALL of the various keyword phrases that associate with the success of your business.


There may be a variety of keyword terms and phrases that your next client will use, trying to ultimately connect with your business.  

For instance if you’re a fine home builder, your client may search for your services with a keyword phrases like


“best high end builders + your city/state”  


or they may search


“local custom contracting companies”


To have a truly automated marketing campaign, it’s important to show up on page one of Google, to the keyword phrases that identify most with the success of your business.  


If the keyword phrase reflects a question that your potential customer might ask before connecting with your services, you would want to show up for that search as well.  

Giving your potential clients the information they seek is a great way to capture your next client.


When your client is looking to engage on the internet in topics related to your industry, the more you are in front of them providing them with the information they’re looking for, the better!


You’ve got a job to do, and the way to make that job the most profitable and efficient is to be generating constant clients daily, from the front page of Google’s search engine results!  


Set up your online digital network so that automated new clients are constantly coming TO YOU, and you can then maximize your businesses efficiency by doing the job you already do so well.

On-Site SEO

SEO is search engine optimization.  SEO is about relevant digital media page illustration, organization, labeling & networking.  Your website is a magazine within the internet's vast library, and Google is the most used 'digital librarian'.  On-Site SEO is about engineering your webpages, so that they are a POTENTIAL candidate for Google's Search Engine Result's Algorithm.

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


Front Page

The Front Page is about more than just On-Site SEO.  Making sure that the individual web pages with in your site are labeled properly should be part of creating and designing your website in the first place.  Making sure you show up on Google is about external links, shares and factors, including Social Media, Blogs, and great video marketing.  NetVizual provides the outside influence that your business needs to validate it's website to Google's algorithm and show up on the front page of their search engine results.

Why SEO?

Why is Page One of Google so important?  Statistics say that over 80% of the time, consumers use the internet at some point before choosing a local business or purchasing a product.  90% of people choose a result listing from page one of Google.  These staggering statistics heavily indicate that your marketing dollars are best spent making your website and it's pages, show up on page one of Google when your potential clients go to search for your local services.


“Our phone was ringing in the first 60 days, we really couldn't believe it...we're on the front page of Google in all the top cities in Virginia.  From the start NetVizual had a concrete plan.  


We approved the Plan, and we continue to be successful to this day... ” 


—  Richard Morgan, Owner

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